Daniel Avery has mixed the next DJ-Kicks CD.

Avery’s contribution follows a year of diverse entrants into the !K7 Records coordinated series: Marcel DettmannDâm-FunkJackmaster, and Moodymann have all featured in 2016. According to the label, the upcoming mix is “concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space.” Avery himself elaborates: “I want to create those moments where opening your eyes on a dance floor becomes difficult. When the outside world is nothing more than a distant thought.”

The mix CD will feature three new original tracks from the man himself, including one alongside Volte-Face as Rote. It looks set to work the hypnotic techno angle which he is generally known for, with selections that include works by Planetary Assault Systems, Rrose and Svreca.

Alongside the announcement, an animated visual accompaniment to Avery’s ambient closing track “Space Echo” (which was put together by Kevin Freeney) has been shared. Watch it below.

DJ-Kicks: Daniel Avery will hit stores November 11. Pre-order it here.


01. In Aeternam Vale “Soundscape I”
02. Daniel Avery “Sensation” (Rrose Remix)
03. Shlømo “Vertigo”
04. Planetary Assault Systems “Dungeon”
05. Ekserd “Hidden Document II” (Svreca Remix)
06. BLNDR “Untitled 3” (Modvs Remix)
07. Ulwhednar “Stortorget”
08. Artefakt “The Fifth Planet”
09. Post Scriptum “Donbelief”
10. JP Enfant “Sirens”
11. IORI “Maya” / Rote “Look In Your Eyes”
12. Lewis Fautzi – Blood”
13. Daniel Avery “A Mechanical Sky”
14. Slam “Cirklon Bells” (Edit-Select Remix)
15. Daniel Avery “Space Echo”