A number of months back, we announced the re-launch of our Ask the Experts series, and invited you to get the answers to everything you could possibly have ever wanted to know from Gerd Janson; we then followed that up with sessions in the hot seat from Mathew Jonson, DeWalta and, most recently, Ask the Experts: Headless Horseman

“>Headless Horseman. We can now announce that October’s expert is Daniel Avery.

There’s a lot of anticipation around Avery right now—and there has been ever since Drone Logic, a mesmerizing debut LP that was thoroughly deserving of all the acclaim that was sent its way. From a production standpoint, however, the British artist has been quiet in the three years since this seminal release: barring last year’s hypnotic collaborative Rote release with Volte-Face and a Sensation/Clear two-tracker, Avery discography’s has been short of additions. That being said, new works are believed to be on the way—both a new LP and a second Rote EP—although details and release dates remain as scarce as his recent material. In addition to this, it was recently announced that Avery has mixed the next DJ-Kicks CD, scheduled to drop November 11.

There’s sure to be no shortage of questions for this month’s Ask the Experts. Given its widespread impact, it’s easy to place much focus on Drone Logic—it’s one of the finest techno albums of recent years for a reason—but even Avery’s earliest works evidence a wildly talented producer with a maturing yet distinguishable sound; one that fits within but transcends the club techno genre, touching on acid house, indie and also IDM. As a selector, too, he has shown himself to be similarly competent, as shown on his lauded Fabric66 mix.

Whether it be DJing, production or anything else, all questions should be sent to asktheexperts@xlr8r.com; we’ll pass them along to Avery who will select his favorites, and at the end of the month, we’ll publish his answers.