Daphni (a.k.a Caribou / Dan Snaith) has shared a new track from his upcoming Fabriclive 93 mix.

The release will be Snaith’s first ever mix CD and consists of 23 of his own new and unreleased tracks along with four exclusive edits—including a version of Container’s “Dissolve. The release actually contains more Daphni material than the project’s entire back catalog, and it is also the first Daphni music to surface since 2015.

Ahead of the mix’ July 21 release, “Tin” is streamable in full below.


01. Daphni “Face To Face”
02. Daphni “Xing Tian”
03. Daphni “Carry On”
04. Jamire Williams “FUTURISM” (Daphni Edit)
05. Daphni “Poly”
06. Daphni “Ten Thousand”
07. Daphni “Medellin”
08. Daphni -“Hey Drum”
09. Luther Davis Group “You Can Be A Star” (Daphni Edit)
10. Daphni “Try”
11. Daphni “Vikram”
12. Pheeroan Ak Laff “3 In 1” (Daphni Edit)
13. Daphni “Listen Up”
14. Daphni “Tin”
15. Daphni “Moshi”
16. Daphni “Strange Bird”
17. Container “Dissolve” (Daphni Edit)
18. Daphni “Joli Mai”
19. Daphni “Nocturne”
20. Daphni “So It Seems”
21. Daphni “Screaming Man Baby”
22. Daphni “Vs”
23. Daphni “The Truth”
24. Daphni “406.42 PPM”
25. Daphni “Always There”
26. Daphni “Fly Away”
27. Daphni “Life’s What You Make It”