San Francisco’s Dark Entries will present two new EPs from De-Bons-en-Pierre, the duo of Beau Wanzer and Maoupa Mazzocchetti. 

Beau Wanzer spends the majority of his days sifting through paraffin-embedded animal tissues, occasionally breaking his routine to record in various fits and bursts. As well as solo material, he is also in numerous projects including Streetwalker, Mutant Beat Dance, Civil Duty, and Corporate Park. Maoupa Mazzocchetti is the pseudonym of Florent Mazzocchetti, a French producer based in Brussels. 

After working together on the Crepes EP in 2017, out now via Dark Entries, De-Bons-en-Pierre reunited for a two-day recording session in Brussels. The duo recorded 13 tracks that are split across two EPs, with six tracks on EP No. 1 and seven on EP No. 2

Each EP contains 25 minutes of dancefloor perversions that tackle an array of rhythmic forms. EP No. 1 is housed in a green jacket featuring a monster mask duo and spiky motifs designed by Florent Mazzocchetti, and EP No. 2 is radioactive orange with a different pair of monster masks.

Tracklisting, EP No. 1  

Side A

01. Wrong Dose Nice Things

02. Pop Corn Sous le Lit

03. Insect Repellent Company

Side B 

01. No Cure for Cancer

02. A Very Bad Meal

03. The War Room

Tracklisting, EP No. 1  

01. His Name Is Fud

02. Frog Stoemp

03. Least Liked

04. Gras Saturé

Side B

01. The Terrible Translation

02. Centipedes

03. Ebmeme

EP No. 1 and EP No. 2 land on May 10, with clips below.