Nico Jaar and Dave Harrington, who make up the The New York experimental and currently on-hiatus band DARKSIDE, are set to release a live DVD titled “Psychic Live” on the Matador Records website.

The performance was recorded on March 21st, 2014 at Stereolux – Nantes and features seven sprawling and unique takes on tracks from their 2013 debut album. The live DVD captures the band on stage at the peak of their touring schedule, and the live audio was captured and meticulously mastered by none other than Joe Lambert. On 17th August 2014, the group announced they were “coming to an end, for now” before they were to play their last show on September 12th at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

The DVD is limited to 1,000 copies physical copies worldwide and is available to purchase now on the Matador Records online store and the official DARKSIDE website. You can also stream the video online via the concert website Quello. Check out the track listing for the DVD and watch the video below to hear more about DARKSIDE.

DVD Track Listing:
1. Freak, Go Home
2. Paper Trails
3. The Only Shine I’ve Seen
4. Heart
5. Metatron
6. Greek Light
7. Golden Arrow