Most of us probably saw this one coming after Darkstar shared a new single early last month, and now today, we have the official word on the UK outfit’s forthcoming sophomore LP, News from Nowhere. The former Hyperdub affiliates say that its latest effort is “totally different” from North, the group’s debut full-length which appeared on Kode 9’s imprint back in 2010, saying further, “It’s somewhat brighter in mood, but deeper in feeling and intention… It’s much more rhythmic and fluid. It moves quicker.” We’ll have to wait to hear exactly what that means until News from Nowhere drops on February 5 of next year. In the meantime, Darkstar will be dropping a 12″ for the “Timeaway” single (arriving with 10 locked grooves as well, all of which you can listen to here), and has gone ahead and provided the artwork and tracklist for its forthcoming LP, which you can take a look at below.

01 Light Body Clock Starter
02 Timeaway
03 Armonica
04. –
05 A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work
06 Young Heart’s
07 Amplified Ease
08 You Don’t Need A Weatherman
09 Bed Music – North View
10 Hold Me Down