A few weeks ago, London producer Darq E Freakerannounced news of his “Minger” b/w “Yeah Yeah Yeah (Dun Know)” single for the Glaswegian Numbers label. Now that the two-track offering has seen its official release, the grime-inclined Freaker has shared a twisted new video to accompany the single’s a-side cut. Directed by Sally Sibbet, the piece commences with Freaker following a seductive woman down a dimly lit alleyway that eventually leads to a carnival of unsettling close-ups drenched in crimson. With no distinct narrative or setting, the alarming imagery effectively emulates the track’s skewed and rapid synths, which teeter over a heaving beat. The disturbing, slightly NSFW video for “Minger”—a word one is not advised to use lightly in England—can be watched below.