Photo: Arne Vossfeldt

London producer Dauwd will return to the Kompakt fold next month with the three-track Jupiter George EP. Following behind last year’s Kindlinn and Saleh EPs for the label, Dauwd’s upcoming effort will serve as his third outing for Kompakt in under a year. On Jupiter George, Dauwd is said to take a slight detour from his more melodic techno constructions and deliver three tracks that will “appeal to the purist house heads,” with the record’s title track finding the artist “picking his way through the finest moments of early ’80s disco, reminiscing [about] what Metro Area accomplished in their brightest moments.”

No audio previews have surfaced yet for Dauwd’s forthcoming Jupiter George EP, but the record’s artwork and tracklist can be seen below ahead of the EP’s March 23 release date.

1. Jupiter George
2. Ritter Sport
3. Take Four