Dauwd is set to return to Ninja Tune‘s Technicolour Recordings with the Theory of Colours—Versions EP. 

The four-track release contains remixes/reworks of various singles from his debut album Theory of Colours, which was released last summer via Ninja Tune. 

The Berlin-based artist has previously released on Ghostly International and Kompakt. Dauwd also makes up one-third of the Berlin collective, party, and radio show African Acid Is The Future alongside fellow producers Rouge Mécanique / WolfOnAcid and MaryIsOnAcid. The collective also now have a permanent show on WorldWide FM.

The EP opens with a piano rework of “Analogische Memories,” recorded at his studio in Berlin and the result of countless hours work—“it took some time, as I had to learn to play piano,” Dauwd explains. We’re told that it builds on the core of the original track with the introduction of swirling improvised keys and subtle percussion.

Fellow producer and African Acid Is The Future partner Romain Azzaro (a.k.a Rouge Mécanique) provides two remixes of “Murmure” (one “Walking”, the other “Running”). Finally, Ukrainian music producer and Leleka label boss Vakula provides a remix of “Macadam Therapy.” 


01. Analogische Memories (Piano)

02. Murmure (Rouge Mécanique Walking Remix)

03. Macadam Therapy (Vakula Remix)

04. Murmure (Rouge Mécanique Running Remix)

Theory of Colours—Versions EP will land on July 13 via Technicolour, with Vakula’s remix of “Macadam Therapy” streaming in full below.