Next on Francis Harris‘ Kingdoms is an album from Dave Harrington (Darkside/Dave Harrington Group) and Benjamin Jay (NDF/Benoit & Sergio) as Lights Fluorescent.

The Lights Fluorescent project is described as an “experiment in the spaces between song and texture, idea and reference, past and present.”

The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons is the duo’s debut album, and sees them developing an atmospheric, slant-pop sensibility that leans toward the experimental tendencies of improvisational and ambient music.

The result is a set of songs “meant to be lived with,” the label explains. “Entirely percussion-less, recordings drift on a tenderness of guitar, revenant feedback, and vocals of autumnal intimation.”

Kingdoms’ last release came from Sophia Saze.


A1. The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons
A2. Our Earlier Years
A3. Space Metal
A4. Palace Walls
A5. Epitaphs
B1. Hotels
B2. Neil Young/Cues
B3. Small Sacrifices
B4. J Girls
B5. July 9th

The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons is out November 15, with the title-track streaming below, and pre-order here.