Dave Harrington has released new track, “Belgrade Fever,” the  second single from the upcoming Dave Harrington Group album, Pure Imagination, No Country

“Belgrade Fever” stems from touring the last Dave Harrington Group album, Become Alive, in Europe with longtime collaborators Andrew Fox, Samer Ghadry, and Will Epstein. “We were improvising heavily during the shows, using sound checks as rehearsals and developing new material every night,” Harrison recalls. 

“Belgrade Fever” started as one of those improvised pieces and quickly worked its way into the live repertoire. Mid-tour, the group found themselves with a few days in Belgrade, Serbia, and booked some time at a recording studio housed in an old warehouse. They recorded for three days, tracking a fleshed out “Belgrade Fever” and other material that eventually made its way into Pure Imagination, No Country. “This track reminds me of that run through Europe and is the product of the improvising, the mental writing and the chemistry of the band that was on tour that summer,” Harrison adds. 

We’re told that the nine-track album exists at a different axis in the same continuum as Harrington’s previous work alongside Nicolas Jaar as Darkside. Harrington uses guitar as a lead voice, sculpting and creating a new core language with vibraphonist Will Shore, synth bassist Andrew Fox, drummer Samer Ghadry, and post-rock polymath Lars Horntveth of Jaga Jazzist. It follows 2016’s Become Alive on Other People. 


01. Well

02. Dreamfield

03. Belgrade Fever

04. Then I Woke Up

05. Slides Redux

06. Neoarctic Organs

07. Patch One

08. No Country

09. Pure Imagination

Dave Harrington’s Pure Imagination, No Country arrives February 1 via Yeggs Records, with “Well” and “Belgrade Fevere” streaming here.