Dave Smith Instruments has created a new synthesizer.

The REV 2 is a reimagining of Dave Smith’s classic Prophet ’08 analog synth, which hit markets roughly ten years ago. The manufacturer describes it as “the realization of our efforts to enhance and improve everything we could about the original design—all at a more accessible price.”

With the Prophet ’08 as the starting point, that synth’s key features have been carried over and expanded upon (with the same voice and Curtis filter retained). It will come in two versions—the standard 16-voice model, which doubles the polyphony of the Prophet ’08, as well as a cheaper 8-voice option. It runs on a bi-timbral operation system, meaning that independent sounds can be stacked or split. The REV 2 also features a polyphonic step-sequencer, allowing users to program up to six notes on a single step.

The REV 2’s 16-voice version is expected to retail for $1999, while the 8-voice will be for $1499. Watch the synth in action below.