David August has unveiled a new single, Reminiscence of a Jewel, out January 31 on his own 99CHANTS label.

Reminiscence of a Jewel, at nearly eight minutes in length, is inspired by August’s live performances, and has slowly taken shape over the course of a larger period of time. It “marks a bold move beyond the introspective sonics of his previous works,” the label explains, using rich sound design and intricate production to create a dense interplay between dramatic and uplifting spaces. “Granular synthesis morphs into choral tones, and disparate drums assemble themselves to create trance spaces,” we’re told.

The single is August’s first release on 99CHANTS, set up in 2018, since last year’s Elysian Fields EP. He’s also released DCXXXIX A.C., his second album, on the platform, which has also released music from Ambienti Coassiali and Giulio Aldinucci. It comes out on digital first, and will be followed by an additional B-side + 12“ format will follow in spring.


01. Reminiscence of a Jewel

Reminiscence of a Jewel is out on January 31 via all digital platforms.