Next on David August’s 99Chants is Dream Rooms, the new release from the shadowy Italian project Ambienti Coassiali.

Spread out over two sides, Dream Rooms is a immersive listen, recorded with a vintage EKO Ranger guitar from the early 1970s. We’re told that there’s not much manipulation; sounds are left alone to slowly evolve and develop organically. The release is inspired by surreal synthesised tone poems from the late 1980s.

Ambienti Coassiali is the ambient side-project of two people who refer to themselves as Pazuzu and Soda Caustica.

Earlier this year, Giulio Aldinucci debuted on 99Chants with No Eye Has An Equal, the label’s fourth release.

Design and packaging comes from Collin D. Fletcher.


01. Dream Rooms I
02. Dream Rooms II

Dream Rooms EP is out on December 7 digitally and on limited edition cassette and vinyl.