On February 1, Lovely Music will release a vinyl reissue of David Behrman‘s minimal electronic LP from 1978, On The Other Ocean

The music across album was recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, California on September 18, 1977 and the Electronic Music Studio, State University of New York at Albany on June 9, 1977. 

The opening piece is an improvisation featuring flutist Maggi Payne and bassoonist Arthur Stidfole, performing long harmonious tones that activate electronic pitch-sensing circuits connected to the interrupt line and input ports of a Kim-1 microcomputer. As the label describes, “The relationship between the two musicians and the computer is an interactive one, with the computer changing the electronically-produced harmonies in response to what the musicians play, and the musicians influenced in their improvising by what the computer does. The recording is of a live performance.” 

The second track, “Figuring In A Clearing,” features cellist David Gibson, adding a dynamic and complex set of passages that display the range of the Kim-1 microcomputer’s response to the cello’s timbre and movement. 

Upon release in 1978, On The Other Ocean was a first of its kind in methodology and served as Behrman’s debut album, advancing the pathways electronic music was headed during the ’70s. The 180gram vinyl reissue of On The Other Ocean can be pre-ordered from Forced Exposure

I’ve been engaged for many years in an exploration of ways to make music and intermedia installations in which software and electronic devices interact with human performers. I’ve wanted to make works that have personalities, which remain distinct and recognizable, yet are open to surprising changes that can come about when they are performed or exhibited.” — David Behrman


01. On The Other Ocean

02. Figure In A Clearing

On The Other Ocean LP lands February 1. 

Photo credit: Pat Kelly