San Francisco’s Fifty2SF Gallery, which has showcased the work of Sam Flores, David Choe, Soul Assasins, and more, will welcome its latest arrivals, David Ellis and Doze Green, tonight. Rubicon Sun is a collective exhibition between the two that coincides with the release of their new book, Shaft.

From the artists’ press release:

“David Ellis and Doze Green present an exhibition they have been training for their entire lives. It’s an installation combining every discipline and material imaginable that weaves drawing, painting, sculpture, music, kinetic movement, sound, light, projection, and film.”

An opening reception is scheduled for tonight (Thursday, December 13, for those who can’t keep track of the days) at 7:30 p.m. Rubicon Sun will be showing until Thursday, January 3. Find Fifty24SF at 252 Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

David Ellis and Doze Green talk Rubicon Sun: