David Firth has returned with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Films for the release of full-length retrospective animation film Umbilical World.  

We’re told that various styles of unreleased and previously released animation sequences are stitched together, boldly exploring regions of the psyche rarely presented in cinema. The label describes it as “13 years worth of animated madness, stitched together to form a single stream of nightmare consciousness.” 

Umbilical World is the follow up to last year’s short-film Cream, with Firth producing, directing, writing, animating, and voicing the entire work. The DVD version includes a making-of documentary, complete with audio commentary from Firth. 

Last year, Firth released the Drownscapes album with Brainfeeder under his Locust Toybox moniker, joining the ranks of the label as one of the more seasoned and experimental artists to start a new path with them. Firth also co-wrote the Flying Lotus film Kuso, solidifying their creative relationship. 

David Firth is a British animator, musician and writer best known for creating dark, comedic, bizarre shorts. He’s been disturbing the internet since the early 2000s and scored a viral hit with the Salad Fingers series.

Umbilical World is available now, with the trailer below.