One of the founding members of the Superfreq label alongside Mr. C and Noel Jackson, the Los Angeles-base DJ-producer David Scuba has joined forces with the longtime underground seeker and audio engineer Finley for a fresh three-track EP titled LeNinj. The follow-up of Scuba’s Low Toro EP, which we hailed as “a slice of intricate, interwoven polyrhythms,” LeNinj further proves both David Scuba and Finley’s ability to craft a persuasive and appealing style of tech-house that uses old school electronic influences while operating on the outer edges of the scene’s current landscape.

The EP kicks off with a sobering and pulsating dancefloor winner “Scoofin” which is then followed up by a an effortless Kate Simko remix of the track which adds a bouncing and “mischievous attitude” to the release. The title track closes out the EP with a relentless and rolling beat that contains an onslaught of tasty astronautic noises that will keep your feet and ears happily occupied.

If you are craving further Superfreq sounds, Krafted Music Group is set to make its Los Angeles debut on May 12 at Union Nightclub and the umbrella label has enlisted the help of Superfreq head-honcho Mr. C.

You can purchase your tickets to this event by going here and check out the Facebook event page here.