Davy is set to make his production debut with The Long Now EP via his own Futurepast label.

Davy (real name Davy Vandegaer) made a name for himself as DJ and founder of Down Under at Fuse in Brussels, the first underground party of its kind in one of Europe’s best-loved clubs. Today he continues to lead the way with his Futurepast project, which he started in 2016 with Pjay of Kontrast. Forming a solid partnership with a shared vision, the two have successfully curated quality parties with international DJs in perfect settings around Europe, and more recently crossing continents to Montevideo, Uruguay when No Way Back celebrated its anniversary with a Futurepast showcase.

The party will now evolve into a label too, with Davy debuting the first vinyl release. We’re told that the EP combines the Belgian’s “forward-thinking approach to techno and a taste for ambient experiments,” and features four tracks of “obscure electronic music.”

In what is described as “a timeless and precise collaboration,” Davy has brought together two historical figures for this release: 1990s R&S Records associate David Morley mixed the tracks, while Simon Davey of The Exchange lent his renowned mastering skills to the project.


01. No Memories Planned
02. Circular Weeks
03. Causal Loop
04. The Long Now

The Long Now EP will land in January 2018, with a teaser streaming via the player above.