Dax J has announced the release of his first solo LP Shades of Black, set to drop on October 30. The album is to be released via his personal and well renowned London-based techno label, Monnom Black.

Having started his DJ career at the early age of 15, and starting off on pirate radio stations in his youth, Dax J has gained international recognition touring all over the world, playing at clubs and events such as Berghain and Glastonbury Festival. The London-born, Berlin-based artist’s hard hitting techno album draws influence from a variety of genres (UK rave, jungle, acid, drum & bass) that have influenced him over the years. Dax J’s dark, prevailing sound and 4 by 4 production mirrors his love for the underground, a love that has followed and guided him to new and exciting places both physically and musically.

Ahead of its release in October, you can also check out the the video teasers for his LP in the video below; along with the tracklisting.

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1. Orloks Symphony
2. Beyond the Planets
3. Renegades of Conflict
4. Devine Right
5. In the Shadows
6. Protect the Prophecy
7. Requiem Souls
8. Black Pegasus
9. Sempa
10. Afterlife