dBridge will release his second solo album next month, titled A Love I Can’t Explain. 

The English drum & bass artist, real name Darren White, last released a solo album 10 years ago with The Gemini Principle. Since then, he’s released collaborations and projects as part of the Autonomic Movement, Module Eight, and Heart Drive. 

We’re told that A Love I Can’t Explain is “the sound of dBridge making music for himself.” As a man, he finds himself in a new phase of his lifeā€”in love, married, and a father that is “no longer concerned with previous constraints and this has led to a new freedom in creation.”


01. Gen 19

02. Broadcast Pain

03. Depersonalised

04. Syncofated

05. Monitored Meanings

06. They Loved ft They Live & Poison Arrow

07. Violent Circuit Autonomy ft Lewis James

08. Your Bit Crushed Heart

09. Nachtlus

10. Lost In A Memory

11. Filtered Scenes

12. Wij Zijn ft Kid Drama

13. UR A Star (Reprise) ft Alia Fresco

A Love I Can’t Explain will land on October 20 exclusively via Exit Records, with clips streaming below.