Dolenz will release his debut album via dBridge‘s Exit Records

Lingua Franca was written as an imaginary soundtrack to the dystopian sci-fi movie of the same name, set on a sister planet of Earth (called “Geminus.”) In the movie, the main protagonist discovers that all other species on the planet are “communicating” with the Earth’s core, which is keeping it turning. “Humans” are the only species that aren’t doing this and they eventually destroy the planet.  

Dolenz is the alias of Neil Andrew, whose journey has taken him from High Wycombe to London, then to the Middle East for nine years and now back to London. He’s previously released twice on Exit, with 2017’s Evesdrop and this year’s Pull


01. Helium I

02. Yottabyte

03. Geminus

04. Hydrofracker

05. Contains Syncrolon feat. Hector Plimmer

06. Introducing Spacebody

07. Original Trailer

08. Evesdrop

09. Seed Mantra feat Elsa Hewitt & Saskia Horton

10. Filter Bubble ft Deft

11. Helium II

12. Pull feat Guilty Simpson

13. Some Drum (Redux)

14. Outpost

15. Main Theme

16. Jevastator

Lingua Franca LP lands May 17, with clips below.