DDMS will soon deliver the second part of their “TinTin” remixes.

DDMS is the combination of four producers: Deadbeat, DeWalta, Mike Shannon, and The Mole. The four artists go to the studio to record “monster multitrack jams” and then take the files and make four different mixes of them.

Previously this combination has appeared on Haunt Records releasing a two-part series in 2013 to critical acclaim. Last year, a two-track package of “Tin Tin” remixes by DeWalta and Mike Shannon arrived, and now part two has landed, this time featuring reworks from The Mole and Deadbeat.


01. Tin Tin (Deadbeat’s Rocket Dub)
02. Tin Tin (The Mole’s Who Is Pimp Lapointe Mix)

Tin Tin’s’ Rocket Part 2 EP is out now via Cynosure, with Deadbeat’s “Rocket Dub” streaming in full below.