A standout of Montreal’s early-aughts techno scene, Deadbeat has since gone on to relocate to Berlin, where the former XLR8R podcast contributor has maintained a prolific streak of noteworthy releases, and launched his own label, BLKRTZ, in 2011. Now, the artist born Scott Monteith has launched a campaign to help raise funds for a deluxe vinyl reissue of his first three full-length albums, which originally appeared via Pole’s now defunct ~scape label, and have long been out of print.

“Much to my surprise, I recently realized that the new year would mark the 10th anniversary of the release of my third album on the ~scape label, New World Observer,” Monteith explains. “Having not listened to it for some time I was doubly horrified when I went looking for it to find that I no longer possessed a single vinyl copy of it in my collection here in Berlin.” Thus the idea for the deluxe vinyl box set was born, with the artist hoping to “lovingly remaster and package” New World Observer along with his two other LPs completed between 2002 and 2005—Wild Life Documentaries and Something Borrowed, Something Blue—all of which are said to have been produced in a “little grey room” that served as Monteith’s first full-time studio.

Over on the Indie GoGo campaign, supporters can claim a copy of the box set for €75, along with a number of other packages which include a remix from the man himself and a USB key with Deadbeat’s entire back catalog. More information can be found here, while the three albums set to be included in the reissue can be streamed in full below.

Wild Life Documentaries
01 Open My Eyes That I May See
02 Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues
03 For Palestine
04 For Israel (Jaffa Revisited)
05 Let It Rain
06 Cause For Hope
07 To Berlin With Love
08 A Dub For Akufen
09 When First You Gave Me Shivers
10 Kezia

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
01 A Brief Explanation
02 Head Over Heels
03 White Out
04 Requiem
05 Steady As A Rock
06 Fixed Elections
07 A Joyful Noise (Part I)
08 A Joyful Noise (Part 2)
09 Quitting Time
10 Portable Memory (The Final Cut)

New World Observer
01 Slow Rot From Rhetoric
02 Port-Au-Prince
03 N’Importe Quoi
04 Abu Ghraib
05 Texas Tea
06 O LIttle Town Of Bethlehem
07 Time Is Passing Slowly
08 Rock Of Ages
09 Ruination
10 Habitat For Heavy Hearts