Scott Monteith (a.k.a Deadbeat) has teamed up with Colin de la Plante, better known as The Mole, and Uruguayan multi-instrumentalist Gonzalo Torres on a new album.

Composed remotely over several months between Chile and Berlin, and concluded during an epic recording session this year, the record sees the three artists delving into ever deeper waters of electronic groove and unhinged live experimentation. In doing so, they “throw their shared interests in all things weird and wonderful down the stairs to see what survives, and they have a hilariously bloody great time doing it,” we’re told.

The record lands on Deadbeat’s own BLKRTZ, made for his solo and collaborative works.


01. Coughs, Birds, and 3 Dad Nerds
02. Weird Shuffles and Rhodes Scuffles
03. Bottles and Basses Make Happy Faces,
04. Melodicas, Cars and Neu Koelln Bars,
05. Buying and Selling, Dubbing and Shelling,
06. Giggle and Thunder, Diapers and Plunder,
07. Mumbling and Stumbling, The Bells Holy Hell!
08. Still on the Run, What Have We Done?
09. Time Changes, New Pages…

Deadbeat and the Mole Meet Gonzalo Torres LP is available now. You can stream it in full below and order it here.