Deadboy will issue his first release for London’s Local Action label next month in the form of the six-track White Magick EP. Said to take shape as “his longest and most complete release to date,” Deadboy’s forthcoming EP is set to see him continuing to run club music through his own unique set of filters, with nods to both new-age ambient music and grime said to be heard throughout. On “Inner Palace,” the EP’s lead single, Deadboy appears to be operating in familiar territory, crafting a skipping club track lined with pop hooks.

Deadboy’s White Magick EP will see its official relase via Local Action on April 20; in the meantime, EP cut “Inner Palace” can be streamed in full below.

1. White Moon Garden
2. Inner Palace
3. Rye Angel
4. Sad Sniper
5. Copwar
6. I Will Let His Ocean Flow Through Me