The indie-folk gods are bestowing another offering on mankind soon, this time from L.A.-based outfit The Deadly Syndrome. The band will release The Ortolan on Dim Mak, and with Steve Aoki’s money backing the project, a new folk resurgence might be imminent.

Mixing traditional folk acoustics and weathered pop melodies (the kind that won’t scare away 14-year old girls), The Deadly Syndrome may be one of the few acts currently justifying Dim Mak’s hype. The quartet also avoids the pastoral cliché by incorporating catchy synths comparable to Au Revoir Simone. Throw in some trippy vocals and energetic guitar riffs, and Aoki’s maybe a little less ridiculous of a character since he signed the band (a tall order, since he’s still got all those shitty fluorescent hoodies).

The Ortolan is out September 11, 2007 on Dim Mak.

1. Eucalyptus
2. Winter In You
3. I Hope I Become A Ghost
4. Wolves In The Garden
5. Animals Wearing Clothes
6. Friends Who Don’t Go Out At Night
7. Heart
8. Emily Pants
9. I Release You
10. Creature, Creature
11. The Ship That Shot Its Self
12. This Old Home
13. The Ortolan

Tour Dates
07/25 San Luis Obispo, CA: Downtown Brew
07/26 Santa Cruz, CA: S.C. Vets Hall
07/27 Orangevale, CA: The Boardwalk
07/28 Reno, NV: Stoneys
08/23 Glendale, CA: Scene Bar
08/30 Hollywood, CA: The Roxy