There’s a new album from Norwegian duo Deaf Center (Otto A. Totland and Erik K. Skodvin) on the way, titled Low Distance, scheduled to release with Berlin-based label Sonic Pieces on March 22. 

With Otto A. Totland contributing emotionally poignant piano and Erik K. Skodvin adding layers of lush and enveloping electronics, the duo creates rich tapestries of sound that sit between the natural and the abstract. Low Distance is their first album since 2014’s Recount, and was recorded over a three-day stretch in 2017. After the initial sessions, Totland and Skodvin worked on crafting and refining the music at EMS Stockholm and Skodvin’s home studio over a lengthy stretch that lasted over a year. 


01. A Scent

02. Entity Voice

03. Undone

04. Gathering

05. Red Glow

06. Faded Earth

07. Movements / The Ascent

08. Far Between

09. Yet To Come

Low Distance lands March 22 via Sonic Pieces, with first single “Movements / The Ascent” streaming below.