Deantoni Parks has released a new album for Leaving Records, titled Homo Deus

Recorded live in one take with Parks simultaneously playing drums and triggering samples with an AKAI MPK Mini, Homo Deus was captured in Manhattan, NY on February 13, 2018. Its title is sourced from Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari’s book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Included in the description of the album is the following quote from the book: “The mental renovations of the first cognitive revolution gave homo sapiens access to the intersubjective realm and turned them into the rulers of the planet; a second cognitive revolution might give homo deus access to unimaginable new realms and make them lords of the galaxy.” 

The LP follows 2016’s self-release WALLY, and is digital-only. The bundle of the digital download and limited edition silk-screened shirts of the Homo Deus artwork are available as a Bandcamp exclusive, with ordering options here.

Deantoni Parks is an American new wave/avant-garde/experimental drummer, songwriter, film director, actor, and record producer. He is the founder, producer, and drummer of the New York band KUDU, and one-half of the writing duo Dark Angels with producer and keyboardist Nick Kasper, also a member of KUDU. 

Homo Deus is out now, with a live video below.