After November’s Accumulate EP debut, Deepchord and Fluxion will return as Transformations in March with the Bona Fide EP—a two-track release.

K. Soublis (Fluxion) and Rod Modell (Deepchord) are well-known figures in the electronic music scene, both producing dub techno and ambient since the 1990s. Over the course of 20 years and dozens of releases, Modell and Soublis have explored the deepest sonic waters and presented numerous memorable signature works. The artists’ mutual respect for one another led them to initiate a discussion on recording and performing on a new project in 2014 and it took a couple of years to find a “musical place” to inhabit. The two started working on new material, throwing ideas to one another, which led them to start Transformations—the first release landing in November.

Bona Fide is said to “continue from where Accumulate left off.” We’re told to expect “two really engaging recordings that are not written with one specific environment in mind.”


01. Bona Fide Pt.1
02. Bona Fide Pt.2

Bona Fide EP will land on March 2 on vinyl, with digital arriving on March 16 via Fluxion’s Vibrant Music. Meanwhile, you can steam “Bona Fide Pt.1” via the player below.