Dub-techno veteran Deepchord is set to follow up last year’s Hash-Bar Loops with another full-length album on the Soma label. The record is called Sommer, and will see Deepchord delivering a lighter and more ethereal aesthetic than on his previous effort. The producer uses field recordings from a beach near his home on the album, which he blends with skilled synthwork and original processing methods that he has developed over the course of a decades-long musical career. Sommer won’t be come out until August 27, but its tracklist and artwork are available now, below.

1. Glow
2. Aquatic
3. Cruising Towards Dawn
4. The Universe as a Hologram
5. Beneteau
6. Fourier
7. Aeronautics
8. Flow-Induced Vibrations
9. Spring Mist
10. Amber
11. Alfama
12. Gliding
13. Wind Farm