Georgia-based PR firm Team Clermont is on the brink of celebrating its 10th anniversary at its Summer Festival and Blue Ribbon Ball in Athens. The event will feature performances by artists represented by the firm before ringing in “The Prom,” with the formally garbed Bobby Conn, Thrill Jockey’s resident avant-pop badass.

The fest features performances from Atlanta-based Deerhunter, A Northern Chorus, Starlight Mints, Castantes, and K Records founder, Halo Benders member, and Dub Narcotic Sound System frontman Calvin Johnson. Not to mention, there’s going to be a kickball tournament and a grip of Pabst Blue Ribbon. The South shall rise again.

The Summer Festival and Blue Ribbon Ball takes place July 25-28. For full line-up info and venue information go to: Team Clermont.