Though Cryptograms, the second album from Georgia’s Deerhunter, was recorded in two parts by band members so clearly wrought with strife, the album comes off surprisingly tranquil and appears to have flowed into fruition without hurdles. The intended duality of the first and second parts is clear, with flowing water sounds, affected vocals, and dreamy loops on the first half pushing the listener towards the outer realms of reality, and a spacey, sometimes pop mood hanging over the latter half.

The album as a whole provides the listener with an unmistakable My Bloody Valentine-meets-modern garage or Japanese noise à la Acid Mothers Temple with a post-punk undertone. Ultimately, this release should appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Be sure catch them live. And maybe grab some mushrooms before you go to the show…

Cryptograms is out January 29, 2007 on Kranky.

1. Intro
2. Cryptograms
3. White Ink
4. Lake Somerset
5. Providence
6. Octet
7. Red Ink
8. Spring Hall Convert
9. Strange Lights
10. Hazel St.
11. Tape Hiss Orchid
12. Heatherwood