Young Marco is next up in the Dekmantel Selectors compilation series—its second instalment.

After a successful first edition of Dekmantel Selectors and a compilation put together by Motor City Drum Ensemble, it’s Young Marco’s turn to present his unique selection of tracks on a double LP and CD, which will drop the February 27, 2017.

Young Marco (a.k.a. Marco Sterk) certainly doesn’t come from a standard DJ background. Growing up, he was a skater who loved American post-hardcore and ’90s hip-hop as much as early Warp Records. Although he’s been affiliated over the years with Amsterdam institutions such as Rush Hour and Red Light Records, he’s always followed his own path. Now, years later, Young Marco finds himself regularly playing around the globe and has been widely hailed for his digging prowess and uncanny ability to pluck jams out of genres, eras and geographies that even veteran DJs will often ignore.


A1 Danny Boy “Diskomix” (Disko Version)
A2 Gerrit Hoekema “Televisiewereld”
A3 Ghostwriters “Swizzle”
B1 Larry Heard “Dolphin Dream”
B2 Wolf Müller “Pfad Des Windes”
C1 The Force Dimension “200 FA” (Extended Mix)
C2 Frank Youngwerth “Whirr” (Original Mix)
C3 Greene Baize “Spick and Span”
D1 Ray Tracing “Mariopaint”
D2 Personal FX “Objects In Mirrors”

Young Marco’s Dekmantel Selectors will drop on February 27, with a sampler streamable below.