Peaking Lights will release their new album on Dekmantel, titled E S C A P E.

E S C A P E is the cosmic-dub luminaries’ eighth album in total and their second outing on Dekmantel, following the Sea of Sand EP in 2018.

Across 12 tracks, we’re told that the husband-wife duo, real names Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, illustrate their pragmatic use of instrumentation and dubbing to create more heady and celestial avant-pop. From the album’s opening, the band’s iconic retro-dub aesthetic kicks in, accompanied by a litany of drum machines, sweeping compressed effects, and Dunis’ hypnotic, serene vocals. Coyes, somewhat of a connoisseur and collector of varying studio gear, meanwhile adopts his steadfast dynamic approach to production, playing with new mixing techniques, tape loops, compression, and effects throughout.

The Amsterdam label adds that the album catches the Californian, now European, natives at their “finest,” replete with atmospheres of homemade-percussive dub, that sit alongside “wondrous landscapes of electronic pop and placid krautrock-like hooks, all tied together by Dunis’ composed and hypnotic vocal charm.”


01. Dharma
02. Peace
03. EVP
04. The Dammed
05. The Caves
06. Soft Escape
07. Eyes Alive
08. Innerterrestrial
09. Dreams
10. Silver Clouds
11. Enchanted Sea
12. Traffic
13. Change Always Comes

E S C A P E LP is out May 11 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “EVP” below and pre-order the album here.