Janus Rasmussen will release two remix EPs with tracks from his solo album debut, Vin, reinterpreted by six electronic music artists: Delhia de France, Aparde, Joseph Ashworth, Aleksandir, Olaf Stuut, and Ryan Davis. 

Although Rasmussen didn’t know the collaborators personally, he had been following all of them closely. Berlin-based producer Aparde is part of Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, where Rasmussen released Vín. “You can really hear that he’s a drummer; his rhythms are always so interesting and endearing,” says Rasmussen of Aparde. “His sound design is huge as well.” 

Rasmussen already collaborated with Delhia de France, German singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist, on her previous track. “I was really pleasantly surprised by the great production and the enchanting vocal performances. This type of music is just up my alley. Moody and dark sounds are deep in my Nordic DNA.“ 

Ryan Davis has become a household name in clubs worldwide with his melodic techno, and Rasmussen had been playing Davis’ tunes in his sets for a long time. “He’s super intricate with his remixes and you can really hear how much work and soul he put into these pieces,” Rasmussen says. 

The resulting EPs see Rasmussen’s originals taken in all sorts of directions, some more down-tempo and others thumping; some amplify elements of Rasmussen’s track to extremes while the original melody is almost imperceptible on others. “What I love about these artists is that they are all very expressive. They all make very deep and emotional music themselves, so it’s a perfect fit for them to remix my music with all its weirdness and nuances,” Rasmussen adds. 

Rasmussen was born in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of Nordic settlements out in the fringes of the North Sea, but is now based in Iceland. He made a name for himself as part of Kiasmos, but released Vin, his solo album debut, in March of this year. 


EP 1

01. Janus Rasmussen “March” (Delhia de France Remix) 

02. Janus Rasmussen “Green Wine” (Aparde Remix) 

03. Janus Rasmussen “Hue” (Joseph Ashworth Remix) 

04. Janus Rasmussen “Orange” (Aleksandir Remix)

EP 2

01. Janus Rasmussen “14” (Olaf Stuut Remix) 

02. Janus Rasmussen “14” (Ryan Davis Remix)

The first part of Vín—Remixes lands July 19, with the second part coming on August 23, both digitally via Ki Records. Meanwhile, you can stream Delhia de France’s “Silent Waves ” remix in full via the player below.