The dreamy, sun-soaked Barcelona-based group known as Delorean has today announced a forthcoming album, Muzik, that is set to drop in mid-June on the group’s personal imprint, Phlex.

Having produced a total of six albums since 2001, Delorean has consistently straddled the line between electronic dance music and pop for a unique and healthy mixture that has kept fans enthralled for over well over a decade. The band’s new album, however, has completely eliminated all “blatant rock elements from its sonic framework” and has travelled further down the electronic route than ever before.

The widely respected producer Pional played a pivotal role in the creation of this album for consistently lending his talents to help the band produce this house-influenced LP. Overall, the album proves Delorean’s ability to adapt over time and its willingness to stretch beyond what is familiar.

You can watch the music video for the album’s title track in the player above.

You can view the tracklist below. Be sure to check out more from Delorean by visiting their SoundCloud page here.


01. Epic
02. Muzik
03. Figures
04. Orbis
05. Contra
06. Both
07. Push
08. Closer
09. Parrhesia