After performing at the 10th edition of MUTEK.MX last weekend (read our full review here), Spanish quartet Delorean fell prey to a “virtual kidnapping” scheme while in Mexico City. Fortunately, the band is now reported as being safe following the incident.

The details of exactly what happened are still a bit unclear. Spanish-language newspaper El Pais reports, “After 48 hours of turmoil for the band members’ families, owing to the lack of news, the police have determined that the musicians are in good shape and at liberty after having suffered a virtual kidnapping. Nevertheless, as of 3 p.m. their whereabouts are still unknown, as are any details regarding their movements over the past two days.” And Resident Advisor reports, “It’s believed the kidnappers called Delorean purporting to be Mexican authorities, telling them to leave their hotel room for security reasons. They then placed a call to members of the band’s families and demanded a ransom. When the band reached the location they were sent to, they had their phones taken.”

The resounding take away, though, is that the four members of Delorean are now safe and have apparently made it through the ordeal without any physical harm. As a result of the incident, however, fellow Barcelona artist John Talabot took to Twitter to announce, “We are canceling our tour in Mexico for security reasons. We are happy that our friends Delorean are OK.” Delorean was forced to cancel its own show in San Francisco last night, and it is unclear what other upcoming performances of the group’s current North American tour may be cancelled as a result.