Back in June, Spanish group Delorean released their fifth studio album, Muzik, via PHLEX.

Although it was a pop-based record, the band looked to house music as its main inspiration, as they told SPIN:

“We spent the last two years writing songs for our a new album. We’re happy to finally share the nine tracks that made it to Muzik. We tried to write songs freely inspired by the house music we owe some much to. It’s a pop record too of course. We wanted to focus again on what’s central to our lives, which is simply music. We wanted no rush to make it, and we don’t ask any from the listener neither.”

The latest asset to drop from the album is a video for “Epic,” directed by Joan Guasch with art direction and animation by Blāo. The video is a hypnotic and beautifully composed piece that works “around the idea of the origin of sound and how it would behave in an extreme nature environment”

Check out the video in full via the player below.