As we reported yesterday, Spanish synth-pop quartet Delorean suffered a kidnapping scheme while in Mexico this past weekend for MUTEK.MX, and is thankfully safe again after the incident. Now, the band has issued a statement about the trying experience. “On Monday morning October 7th we received a phone call at our hotel room in Mexico City from a person posing as a hotel security officer,” reads the statement. It continues, “We were informed that there was a security threat at the hotel. What followed for the next 30 hours was an experience where the threat of death was real due to the psychological manipulation inflicted on us by our kidnappers.” The piece goes on to explain that they don’t think the blame should fall squarely on Mexico, and that they are actually grateful to the Mexican Federal Police for playing a part in rescuing them and returning them safely to their families. All of Delorean’s statement can be read here.