With a string of EPs and singles under his belt on L.I.E.S. and his own L.A. Club Resource imprint, Delroy Edwards (a.k.a Brandon Perlman) looks in a different direction with a new single from his forthcoming full-length debut. Entitled Hangin’ At The Beach, the offering is set to be a highly ambitious one. The new release sees Edwards shifting from the Dance Mania-esque house and techno of past releases, tapping the sounds and forms of anything from ambient to post-punk and synthpop. New tracks read not as fully fleshed-out statements, but as individual concepts, conceived and developed during midnight bedroom jam sessions.

The new single provides an intriguing taste of what’s to come, with dusty synths and percussion that sounds powered by hardware on its last legs. The whole thing fits neatly into his hazy aesthetic, and makes stylistic sense given his eclectic NTS Radio shows.

Listen to the new single “Born Rebels” in the player below, and check out his February NTS residency here.