Delta Funktionen is back with a new album, titled Junior High School Excursion To The Parallel World.

The LP follows 2015’s sprawling Wasteland project with eight tracks of sci-fi-infused techno and electro that are presented as a double 12″ on his own Radio Matrix outpost. For its inspiration and theme, the album looks to soundtrack a school excursion to “The Parallel World” where the kids can choose from three activities that include sneaking “into the offices of the corrupted leaders,” participating in the scams of the corrupted leaders, or “For those of you who already gave up on humans, there‚Äôs the chance to take care of the last surviving animal; the hyena!”

Musically, the release is split into two differing sides: the first disc focuses more on melody and classy grooves, whereas side two looks to the more abstract, experimental side to Delta Funktionen.

Ahead of the release, which can be pre-ordered here, you can stream opening cut, “scitiloP,” via the player below.