Now that the paganistic Manchester duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty (a.k.a. Demdike Stare) has finished its three-part series of albums for 2010, the string of LPs will coalesce into a box set of sorts next year. The label responsible for all Demdike Stare releases thus far, Modern Love, will drop Tryptych, a three-disc record that compiles Forest of Evil, Liberation Through Hearing, and Voices of Dust along with 40 minutes of never-before-released music, on January 24. It will be the first time any of the spooky, bass-ridden music has been available on CD, as all three LPs of the series were released exclusively on vinyl. Before that massive offering of music is available, you can check out its cover artwork and full tracklist below. We also included included links to all of the separate albums, which are streaming in full on Modern Love’s SoundCloud profile. (via Pitchfork)

Disc One – Forest of Evil
01 Forest of Evil (Dusk)
02 Forest of Evil (Dawn)
03 Quiet Sky (Bonus Track)

Disc Two – Liberation Through Hearing
01 Caged in Stammheim
02 Eurydice
03 Regolith
04 The Stars Are Moving
05 Bardo Thodol
06 Matilda’s Dream
07 Nothing But the Night 2 (Bonus Track)
08 Library of Solomon Book 1 (Bonus Track)
09 Library of Solomon Book 2 (Bonus Track)

Disc Three – Voices of Dust
01 Black Sun
02 Hashshashin Chant
03 Repository of Light
04 Of Decay & Shadows
05 Rain & Shame
06 Desert Ascetic
07 Viento de Levante
08 Leptonic Matter
09 A Tale of Sand
10 Filtered Through Prejudice (Bonus Track)
11 Past Is Past (Bonus Track)