Dengue Dengue Dengue will release a new album in October, titled Zenit & Nadir.

The 12-track release draws on the musical heritage of the former African slaves in Peru. This interest led Dengue Dengue Dengue—namely Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira—to record with several members of the Ballumbrosio family, a renowned musical dynasty in Peru that has kept Afro-Peruvian musical traditions alive through rhythms like landó and festejo, and with traditional instruments such as the iconic quijada, a rattling percussive instrument made out of a donkey’s jawbone.

We’re told that the introduction of live recordings with the Ballumbrosio brothers has given a whole new dimension to Dengue Dengue Dengue’s sound. “The marriage between the traditional and organic percussion of the Ballumbrosios with Dengue Dengue Dengue’s hypnotic electronic production has created a whole new chapter for the band,” the label explains. 

Dengue Dengue Dengue debuted in 2012, and released their last album, Semillero, in 2018. They’ll begin touring extensively in Europe in October and November, with North and South American dates to be announced soon.

Zenit & Nadir LP is scheduled for October 4 release on Enchufada, with a live performance video of “Ágni” streaming below. 


01. Ágni

02. Decajón (feat. Prisma & Martin Boder)

03. El Cavilante (feat. Sara Van & Mikongo)

04. Jarana y Tundete

05. Llæ

06. Coimu Gqoimu

07. Lagos

08. The Invisible Ones (feat. Kalaf)

09. Banyuwangi

10. Pacos (feat. Prisma)

11. Guayabo

12. Coyurriti