Rising Dutch talent Deniro (a.k.a Reynier Hooft van Huijsduijnen) is set to return to Nina Kravizтрип with a double EP of original works.

Deniro, a member of Tape Records, previously appeared on the label as part of the concept albums.

Mendoza is an eight-track “quest into the spheres of polarity and tension,” the label explains.

“Deniro is able to transmit emotion in his music like no other. His soft spoken live cuts are sparse and trippy and you can always feel that it’s Reynier behind them” – Nina Kraviz


A1. 700
A2. Tribe
B1. Don Dino
B2. Disobedient
C1. Penance
C2. Missing Keys
D1. The Monk
D2. Trader

Mendoza EP is scheduled for September 29 release.