Dedicated USB controllers are so hot right now, and it seems Denon DJ has been ITCHing to build one. ITCH controllers are hardware certified by Serato Audio Research as built from the ground up with integrated features for DJ software control, and the upcoming DN-HC5000 is one such performance tool. Scheduled to ship in last quarter of 2009, the DN-HC5000 is an A/B deck rackmount system with mini platters and copious cues that gives/receives feedback through Serato’s proprietary HIDI protocol, intended to allow mobile entertainers a new depth of control and response by allowing “one-to-one mapping” with compatible mixing software. The DN-HC5000 is Mac/PC compatible, uses USB 2.0, and has a built-in 24-bit soundcard. Other features include a multi-functional touch sensitive jog disc, vibrant FL tube and text display, and tactile rubber controls. Digital turntablists, this ITCH has the potential to inspire you to scratch.