Gerald Donald, München, 19. November 2012 Photos: Frank Bauer

Gerald Donald will release a new full length later this year under his Der Zyklus alias, entitled Renormalon.

Donald is best known for his work alongside the late James Stinson as Drexciya, but has also produced under a number of other aliases—Heinrich Mueller, Dopplereffekt, Dataphysix, Japanese Telecom, and Elecktroids to name but a few. He launched his Der Zyklus project in the late 90s, and has since been churning out electro tunes via the likes of International Deejay Gigolo Records, Frustrated Funk and WéMè .

Drexciya Research Lab, the online portal for all things related to the producers, has just shared some details of Donald’s next release—the forthcoming Der Zyklus album. He returns to Belgian imprint WéMè for Renormalon, a six-tracker that apparently features collaborative work with Minsk-based Elena Sizova.

More information will be released soon. Check out the tracklist below, and stream one of his earlier releases with WéMè.

A1 Visible Spectrum
A2 Interference Pattern
A3 Spatial Multiplexing
B1 Diffeomorphism
B2 Photopolymer
B3 Optical Distortion