House music will always have its roots firmly planted in the underground gay dance scene, with parties like A Club Called Rhonda in LA and Hot Mass in PGH producing some of the most liberating and unique events in the USA. 

Another name with strong ties to the LGBT dance community is Chicago music institution, Smart Bar. Having more than 20 years under its belt as a strong curator of weekly dance nights and residencies, the club is announcing that it has now remodelled its long-running gay dance party, Queen!. Known for his lineage of club nights, head organizer and Smart Bar resident Michael Serafini has taken the task of assembling some of house music’s most cherished and respected DJs for the rebirth of Queen!, including Derrick Carter, Mystic Bill, and Jacob Meehan. This night is not only about having the best house DJs in the world as its weekly residents, but also about its cast of characters and hosts, like Sissy Spastik and Jojo Baby, who give their heart and soul to the scene and make everyone feel at home.

Check out the event details for the next couple of weeks at Queen!, and check out this live recording of Derrick Carter at the opening party.