Ahead of Transmat‘s 30 year anniversary, Derrick May, has announced the release of four new EPs landing on the imprint early 2016.

Israeli duo Deep’a & Biri and Hiroshi Watanabe will each release brand new 12-inches, while French artist Karim Sahraoui, is set to release a continuation from last year’s Eternal Life Part 1 EP. Azimute—the duo comprised of Cesare Marchese and Philippe Quenum—will also release new music from their collaborative project.

You can check out the tracklistings for all four EPs below or listen to the previews over at Deejay.de.


Eternal Life Part 2 – Karim Sahraoui
1. Father’s Legacy
2. Prelude

Paradox – Azimute
1. Paradox

Multiverse – Hiroshi Watanabe
1. The Multiverse
2. The Leonids
3. Soul Transitions
4. Aperture Synthesis

Echoic Memories – Deep’a & Biri
1. Echoic Memories
2. 1406 Days
3. Forms Of Sadness
4. Ritual

Eternal Life Part 2, Paradox, Multiverse and Echoic Memoriesare set to land early 2016 via Transmat.