Detroit techno legend Derrick May has announced the release of a 23-track compilation on its way via his own Transmat imprint. Called Beyond the Dance: Transmat 4, the massive two-disc compilation brings together tunes from both familiar techno veterans like DVS1 and more obscure, underground artists such as Rennie Foster, Greg Gow, and Djinxx. So far, the record is only scheduled to be released on December 5 in Japan, because, as May puts it in a brief interview with Resident Advisor, the DJ/producer feels that Japan is the only place in the world that truly appreciates the music. Nonetheless, you can check out Beyond the Dance‘s artwork and tracklist below.

01. John Arnold – Sparkle
02. Digital Justice – Theme From: It’s All Gone Pearshaped
03. Choice – Acid Eiffel
04. Louis Haiman – Seedling
05. Psyche – Crackdown (Remix)
06. Double Helix – Silent Company
07. Tony Drake – One
08. Sans Soleil – Moulinex
09. A Scorpion’s Dream – Aqua Dance
10. Silent Phase – Fire (Rewired Mix, excerpt)

01. Karim Sahraoui/DJINXX – Mr. Teleportation
02. Microworld – Signals
03. Rennie Foster – Floatilla
04. Yotam Avni – Heliotropism (Tons of Piano)
05. Chronophone – Eiffel in Love
06. Kenny Larkin/Dark Comedy – War of the Worlds
07. Greg Gow – The Bridge
08. Zak Khutoretsky/DVS1 – Pressure
09. Deep’a & Biri, Gene – Ocean Swell
10. Craig Sherrad – Sattelite Exstasy (Monty’s Maple City Remix)
11. Stephen Brown – Vocal Slices
12. Karim Sahraoui/DJINXX – Nightflow
13. Derrick May/Rythim Is Rythim – Hand Over Hand